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What Our Clients Say

Life-Changing Sobriety: From Loss to Legal Success

I can truly say that Lance has changed my life in every way possible. 

I had been drinking for twenty five years and had gone to in patient treatment over and over again with no success. I had lost my marriage, my children, and my job. Picking up the phone and calling Lance has changed my life entirely. Since the day I started working with Lance I have been able to maintain complete sobriety. I now have my children back, working again as a lawyer, and most importantly I no longer feel the need to waste my days away drinking. I cannot say enough good things about Lance and I only hope others are lucky enough to get the help they need from him as well. 

⁃ Client

From Academic Failure to College Success: A Parent's Gratitude

My seventeen year old son was days away from failing out of school and not being able to go to college due to his use of drugs and alcohol. Lance worked with my son for eight months and with his help had my son not only graduate high school but prepared him for his time in college. He is now a sophomore in college and he continues to maintain his sobriety and grow as not only a college student but as a man as well. Even when we were finished working with Lance he continuously checks in on both myself and my son making sure everything continues to go well. Lance continuing to care about myself and my son even though they are no longer “working together” has shown me what a kind and caring individual Lance is and how much he cares about what he does and the families he helps. 

⁃ Parent

A Last Chance for Family: Overcoming Decades of Addiction

I had been drinking for over thirty years. I tried for many years to drink “moderately” but obviously that was unsuccessful. I was losing my wife and my three children due to my drinking and it was my last chance to save my family. When my wife called Lance he immediately stepped in and gave me exactly what was needed. He directed me in my journey in recovery and I at the moment have over one hundred days of sobriety. Everything I had tried before never worked and now with the help of Lance I have found what I was missing. 

⁃ Client

Dual Recovery Success: Overcoming Drug and Eating Disorders

My daughter had been struggling for many years not only with drug addiction but with an eating disorder as well. I was directed by my daughter’s therapist to give Lance a call and I’m so happy I did. With the help of Lance and his staff my daughter has completely changed her habits in both areas. Not only did they help her with her drug and eating issues but they also taught her how to live on a daily basis over coming the obstacles that are in front of her. We have been working with Lance and his team for over a year and I cannot thank him enough for what they have done for my daughter. I can truly say I have my daughter back! 

⁃ Parent

A Young Adult's Turnaround: From Despair to Daily Progress in Sobriety

After refusing treatment and or leaving early from treatment centers my parents felt that they had run out of every option. I got Lance’s number through a family friend and thought to myself why not give it a shot. Although I am young I’ve had many issues both mentally and physically due to my drinking. Lance immediately put someone from his staff to work with me and thankfully it became a great bond right away. I was at a point where life felt meaningless to me. I now have two months of recovery and continue (in my humble opinion) to make strides on a daily basis. Without the help of Lance and his staff I honestly don’t know where I would be. Thank you Lance and Allen for your guidance. It’s been a beautiful journey so far and I can happily say I’m looking forward to my future and what lies ahead for me. 

⁃ Client

Transforming Teen Behavior: From Rebellion to Graduation

My son was sixteen when I called Lance through a recommendation from a friend. My son started dabbling in drugs and alcohol. Daily living with him became almost impossible. When I called Lance he spoke to me for three hours and was at my apartment the next day speaking with my son. Once they began the work I saw a major change in my son. Lance doesn’t just help with the issues of addiction but he helps in so many other ways of life. My son is about to graduate high school this year and I can say that without Lance that never would have been possible. Thank you Lance for everything you have done for our family. 

⁃ Parent

College Crisis to Graduation: Turning Around a Daughter's Life

My daughter was in college and everything was falling apart. Not going to class, partying too much, and she was failing out of college. I got Lance’s information from a therapist and decided to call him. As soon as I spoke to Lance not a day later he had someone ready to go down to my daughter’s college and help with the major issue at hand. Lance had a staff member live with my daughter and since then there has been a major turnaround. Thankfully my daughter will be graduating from college this coming month and I couldn’t be more thankful. Without Lance and his team I don’t know where my daughter would be but I’m glad I no longer have to worry about that. Lance and his staff will be continuing to work with her to make sure she is prepared for the next chapter of her life when she returns home this summer and I now only see a bright future ahead for her. 

⁃ Parent

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