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Who We Help

Tailored Support for Diverse Needs

At LMR Coaching, we understand that each person's path to wellness is unique. We cater to clients of all ages and backgrounds, providing a discreet and highly personalized approach to recovery and mental health support. With a global network of expertly trained coaches, LMR ensures a precise match between each client and a coach who not only meets their needs but also complements their personality and lifestyle.

Customized Private Treatment Plans

Privacy and confidentiality are cornerstones of our services. We develop private treatment plans tailored specifically to each client's individual needs, emphasizing a collaborative approach between your dedicated clinicians and LMR Coaches/Companions. This powerful synergy is designed to foster sustainable growth and healing, respecting each client’s privacy and family dynamics at every step.

Substance Use Disorders

Whether you are taking initial steps toward recovery or seeking support for sustained sobriety, LMR Coaches are here to meet you wherever you are in your journey. Our approach sets us apart in the recovery field, utilizing an evidence-based methodology administered by coaches who have personal experiences with recovery. This unique perspective enables our coaches to provide genuine, empathetic support, empowering clients to achieve long-term recovery.

Addressing Other Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders vary widely in their manifestations, affecting cognition, behavior, and emotional regulation. At LMR Coaching, we believe that these challenges do not define a person. Our approach is holistic and personalized, acknowledging that while individuals may struggle in some areas, they can excel in others.

Our coaches collaborate closely with each client's existing clinical team to provide nuanced care that addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes of mental health issues and addiction. Certified and experienced, our coaches specialize in a spectrum of mental health conditions—from anxiety and depression to complex, high-risk disorders like schizophrenia and personality disorders.


"Every Crisis Is Met With Opportunity"

Our Client Engagement Process

Step 1.

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with a free private consultation to understand your challenges and define your goals. This initial discussion sets the foundation for your tailored treatment plan.

Step 2.

Coach Matching & Planning

Based on the initial consultation, we carefully select a coach whose expertise and personality align with your needs. Your case manager will assist in organizing your coaching schedule and ensuring all logistics are seamlessly handled.

Step 3.

Collaborative Work

You and your matched coach will start the transformative work towards achieving your goals. Throughout this journey, your case manager will provide ongoing support and facilitate collaboration with any clinical treatment providers you may be working with.

Step 4.

Ongoing Support & Planning

After the completion of initial coaching sessions, we continue to support your journey towards long-term success. This includes regular check-ins, continued sessions with counselors, recovery coaching, and engagement with additional support services and monitoring options. We also offer flexible packages for continued support and emergency assistance, ensuring help is always at hand.


Begin Your Journey with Confidence

Privacy, respect, and comprehensive care are the pillars of our service at LMR Coaching. If you are ready to embark on a path to recovery and wellness with a team that upholds the highest standards of confidentiality and expertise, we invite you to reach out to us.

What Our Clients Say 

I had been drinking for over thirty years. I tried for many years to drink “moderately” but obviously that was unsuccessful. I was losing my wife and my three children due to my drinking and it was my last chance to save my family. When my wife called Lance he immediately stepped in and gave me exactly what was needed. He directed me in my journey in recovery and I at the moment have over one hundred days of sobriety. Everything I had tried before never worked and now with the help of Lance I have found what I was missing. 

- Client

My daughter had been struggling for many years not only with drug addiction but with an eating disorder as well. I was directed by my daughter’s therapist to give Lance a call and I’m so happy I did. With the help of Lance and his staff my daughter has completely changed her habits in both areas. Not only did they help her with her drug and eating issues but they also taught her how to live on a daily basis over coming the obstacles that are in front of her. We have been working with Lance and his team for over a year and I cannot thank him enough for what they have done for my daughter. I can truly say I have my daughter back! 

- Client

After refusing treatment and or leaving early from treatment centers my parents felt that they had run out of every option. I got Lance’s number through a family friend and thought to myself why not give it a shot. Although I am young I’ve had many issues both mentally and physically due to my drinking. Lance immediately put someone from his staff to work with me and thankfully it became a great bond right away. I was at a point where life felt meaningless to me. I now have two months of recovery and continue (in my humble opinion) to make strides on a daily basis. Without the help of Lance and his staff I honestly don’t know where I would be. Thank you Lance and Allen for your guidance. It’s been a beautiful journey so far and I can happily say I’m looking forward to my future and what lies ahead for me. 

- Client

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